The music chart of all music charts, reimagined
Conceptualized UX to surface more video
Designed UI with a cleaner look & feel
Prototyped interactions on mobile & desktop
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Visit The Site
Conceptualized UX to surface more video.
Designed UI with a cleaner look & feel.
Prototyped interactions on mobile & desktop.

Chart UX

Billboard’s music charts needed to be more than just a list, so we created a more enriched experience with music video factoids and gateways to related artist content.

Chart Video

We wanted a way for users to listen to tracks but music playback from any single streaming service would mess with chart ranking data.

The solution killed two birds with one stone. The had video team create music video clips with song / artist related factoids and video clips tied to each song opened the door for more pre-roll advertising.

User Gateway

Most of Billboard’s users enter through The Hot 100. The previous version of their charts tended to be a dead-end.

Users interested in any particular song or artist could dive in deep by visiting the artist page, read related articles, access song lyrics or view related charts


Before you dig into the charts, we surface the best performing songs in the chart highlights.

Adding the simple ability to sort by performance quickly became the most used interaction showing us users want to dig deeper.

Mobile Song Info

Mobile Song Info



Mobile Slideshow Concept

This was an exploration to see what a top 10 story could experience be like.

Mobile Slideshow Concept

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